First Womentech Asia (FWTA) as a like-to-be “the first class IT Solutions and Consulting firm” is led by an IT female-oriented team whose its members are included of a veteran female IT engineer, handful senior developers, professional coding staff and designers. They are more than ready to listen and respond to every single need and requirements of all their clients to help assist and support the clients to reach their goals.


The mission of FWTA is to make information technology a priceless solution for the success of each business, in term of solving IT problems as well as offering most potential effectively solutions. “One Stop at FWTA, a women led technological team, solves your IT problems and gives inspiration for women in IT”. FWTA delivers a non-discriminated and long-term commercial benefit to all clients in accordance with their business demands and requirements with a high quality assurance.


FWTA envisions itself to be the first class IT Solutions and Consulting Company whose leadership and involvement are based on the pro-gender IT concept by Cambodian women in Cambodia and in the region. FWTA has ever since been engaging and taking more Cambodian young populations, professional female IT engineers on board so that it enables us to deliver the best possible IT Solutions and Innovation tools to all of our clients, especially to young entrepreneurs in order to help them grow and succeed in their businesses. FWTA is committed to high-quality, affordable services displaying sustainable values and providing the best quality products and trusted services.