FWTA ICT2019 Award

Public 26 Mar 2019


👏 LET'S CELEBRATE our 11 wonderful winners of the week-end from our Hub Entrepreneur Club! 👏🏆🥳

🏆 Congratulations to the amazing founders Kuy Chheng Treng and Chanchamnap Sok from Inclusion+, a one-stop platform that inspires, empowers, and connects individuals with disabilities to the job market opportunities, and provides consultancy services for organizations to become more inclusive, who won the SmartSpark2

🏆Congratulations to Pheng Meas Sak and Sovan Srun, from Tesdopi តេស្ត១២, enabling students to track their learning progress in science and mathematics, for winning the Social Innovation Awards of the Year at the Cambodia ICT Awards!

🏆Congratulations to SokCheng Seang, founder ot វប្បធម៌ - Wapatoa , the platform delivering high quality Khmer content to grow your mind, curiosity and knowldge, for winning the Creative Digital Content Award at the Cambodian Women in Tech Award 2019 !

🏆Congratulations to Tevy Chhy, our former ambassador and founder of E-Lab Official, a science experiment based smartphone application to help Cambodian students enjoy learning science, technology, engineering and math, for winning the Category Girls Innovator at the Cambodian Women in Tech Award 2019!

🏆 Congratulations to Limsan Pong from First Womentech Asia and Peth Yoeung, Operating Management System for private and public healthcare institutions, for receiving the ICT Entrepreneur Award 2019 at the Cambodian Women in Tech Award 2019!

🏆 Congratulations to Richard Yim, founder of Demine Robotics, robotics solutions to save land, life and limbs helping the world remove landmines and UXOs safely and efficiently to realize a future without landmines, for winning the Best ICT R&D of the Year at the Cambodia ICT Awards!

🏆and finally congratulations to Samnang Sinoeun Sreynith Sam, and Ketya Nop, founder of Job Seekers, a platform connecting young professional to job market through a platform allowing applicants to showcase their real talents and 21st Century skills, and for taking the 3rd position at the Mekong Business Challenge !


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